Our Adhesi-Med skin-safe silicone adhesive and Citri-Med citrus spray remover in one great package.

Adhesi-Med becomes tacky upon contact with air, forming an instant and long lasting bond to skin. It is made from scientifically advanced medical grade silicone polymer adhesive, and safe for use on skin. Silicone adhesives have wide use in hospitals by doctors and medical staff.

Its special formulation has the highest concentration of silicone polymer available for skin bonding applications and is suitable for adhering non-permanent material to the body surface.

Adhesi-Med maintains it bond even in the presence of moisture, perspiration or body oils. The adhesive properties are unaffected by normal temperature variations or time.

• Silicone polymer molecular composition—for highest biocompatibility.
• Clear and transparent—Great feature for facial prosthesis, tracheostomys and even toupées.
• Adheres to many surfaces—including other silicones.
• Water and perspiration resistant—Adhesi-Med sheds moisture so it stays sticky on the skin surface.

Adhesi-Med is a brush-on application. Brush-on applicator included.

To use, simply brush a small amount to the device or skin and wait 30 seconds for adhesive to become tacky.

Adhesi-Med is suitable for securing male external catheters, adhering colostomy, ileostomy and tracheostomy appliances, attaching electrodes, affixing theatrical cosmetics, prosthetic devices, etc.

Once you try Adhesi-Med, you will say “It’s Truly A Miracle”

2 Ounce Bottle   Adhesi-Med is a  (TM) trademarks of Advanced Devices Inc.